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Solfège Syllables & Solmization

What is "Solfège?"
Solfege syllables are a system of mnemonics. Simply, a way to assist in remembering. Just as our alphabet symbols are learned and used to help us remember sounds to form words (numbers to count objects, label, measure/distance, and remember quantity) solfege syllables are learned to help us remember the sound of musical tones or intervals/distances between pitches.

In the movie, starring Julie Andrews, the Captain's children learned to sing this organized system of mnemonics, syllables in the song "Do Re Mi." These mnemonics are taught by listening and repeating the song. Click for Demonstration Tonal relationships in the song are learned intuitively by the children and represent an organized system of sound syllables called Solfege, a form of solmization.

Why use "Solfège?"
  1. Syllable system to identify musical tones.
  2. Tonal relationships are learned intuitively.
  3. Think tones before you perform them.
  4. Promotes in-tune performance; intonation.
  5. Improves musicality and feeling of tonality.
  6. Vocal musicians easily read notation.
Why use "The Tonal Ladder?"
  1. Visual positions for solfege syllable tones.
  2. Expanded syllable range for tonal chording.
  3. Teach internal thinking with singing exercises.
  4. Better intonation with visual ½ steps.

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